There can be progress … in regard to consciousness

Technological progress is bullshit, a chimera, a delusion.

Technological development is a mystique for the masses as it enriches the elites.

It’s a distraction. That’s what David Watson was getting at:

What would an authentic Earth Day look like? Wouldn’t it look like a moratorium on production, a reduction of mechanical movement, and with it of the industrial noise that drowns out the wind; when all of the former cogs of the megamachine take a long look at the world, perhaps for the first time, and begin the process of becoming living subjects once more? Wouldn’t they engage one another, face-to-face, taking stock of hands and feet and head and heart as the real material bases for a new society? Wouldn’t they begin to retrace their steps, back away from the edge of the precipice, turning things off and beginning to rely on their communities and their own human powers to meet their few essential needs so as to get on with the real adventure of living, of singing, of dreaming?

But there can be progress in regard to consciousness. The initiation of Earth Day itself is an indication of that. And it’s been extremely encouraging to see the indigenous-appreciating transformation of attitudes toward Columbus Day and Thanksgiving within just a generation or two.

The true progress re: higher consciousness could ultimately lead to a deconstruction of the faux progress re: higher tech.

A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.