The male-military-nation complex is really pretty recent

Great Founder of the Nation and its Army

We’re so used to the world seeming to be “this way” — nations with their militaries and other patriarchal institutions — that it seems natural. We criticize, chafe and resist, but we feel as if we’re trying to change an age-old bedrock of human lifeways.

But it’s not true.

From the standpoint of natural history, the male-dominated complex characterized by nationalism, militarism, and exploitation is fairly recent — and aberrant. We didn’t evolve to, weren’t meant to, and really don’t have to live this way.

It’s un-natural and oppressive. It’s nasty-harsh, alienating, competitive, expansionist, domineering, and accumulative. It makes people subservient, repressed, and depressed.

* * * *

We don’t need to live this way.

But don’t think in terms of “struggling” … “against them.” Their system is entrenched. It’s rough and it’s tough.

Big Power.

Laugh at the immaturity and stupidity of it all and walk away.

Starting with something like this: The total US federal budget is about $5 trillion; the militarism portion is about $1 trillion, i.e., about 20%. What if five million of us pledged, together, to withhold 20% of our taxation contribution to the feds. What could they do to five million of us? They would try to assess us, they would try to garnish, etc. They could not put five million in jail. And so the movement would grow. Under the rubric of “Laugh at them (the boys with their toys) and walk away.”



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Steven Welzer

The editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a movement activist for many years (he was an original co-editor of DSA’s “Ecosocialist Review”).