The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and The Crazy

A zillion books, movies, articles, songs, podcasts, and dissertations have tried to convey the essence of “The Sixties.” I’ve seen documentaries about SDS, Weatherman, rock groups, Chicago, Hippies, Yippies, and Pranksters.

Ovid right now is streaming “Berkeley in the Sixties.”

It’s the best. It starts at the right time (SNCC and FSM) and shows the development of the ferment. It conveys the feel of the faux revolution.

I would like to show it to my grandchildren. Someday. They would first need to (a) live in this society for a while, and, meanwhile, (b) be exposed to some background material. Read Howard Zinn’s book and some Kerouac. Watch a little Dobie Gillis and Donna Reed. Lenny Bruce. Clips of Carlin from 1964 and from 1974.

They’ll all be 30 after 2040. I’ll get some popcorn and we’ll sit down to watch “Berkeley in the Sixties.”