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Steven Welzer
2 min readMay 19, 2023


this from my favorite current active theorist . . .

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S M P L C T Y: Ecological Civilization and the Will to Art

Samuel Alexander

Essays on the Aesthetics of Existence

Preface: The Apocalyptic Sublime

Introduction: The Aesthetic Dimension
The Cosmos as a ‘Readymade’: Dignifying the Aesthetic Universe
Creative Evolution and the Will to Art
Pessimism without Despair: Suffering, Desire, and the Affirmation of Life
An Aesthetic Justification of Existence: The Redemptive Function of Art
Camus on Art and Revolt: Overcoming Nihilism in an Absurd Universe
Rescuing Aestheticism from the Dandies: Critical Distinctions
Homo Aestheticus, the Artful Species: An Evolutionary Perspective
Giving Birth to Oneself: Ethics as an ‘Aesthetics of Existence’
The Politics of Beauty: Schiller on Freedom and Aesthetic Education

Bad Faith and the Fear of Freedom: Can Art Shake Us Awake?
Banish the Poets! The Power and Politics of Aesthetic Education
Making Art While the World Weeps: Political Reflections on Aesthetics
Art Against Empire: Marcuse on the Aesthetics of Revolt
Answering Estragon: Art, Godot, and Utopia
Industrial Aesthetics: A Critique of Taste
Artful Descent: A Cosmodicy of S M P L C T Y
Poet-Farmer: A Thoreauvian Aesthetics
Democratizing the Poet: William Morris and the Art of Everyday Life
The Aesthetic State
Conclusion: Revisiting The Glass Bead Game

‘The bleaker and emptier life becomes under capitalism,
the more intense is the yearning after beauty.’

— Georg Lukács

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Preface: The Apocalyptic Sublime



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