Please. The idea that “we” (please … the eight billion of us can’t really act as a coherent anything) the idea that we could do it right is just beyond consideration.

Consider: Recognition of what went wrong (who could even consider that we might have gone wrong) and then “deciding” (a global referendum!) to un-do (all that progress! our sanctified medical technology!) to give up dreams (chimeras) of abundance, leisure, and security. Just over the horizon, just around the corner, all the stress will peal away.

Let go. That may be the thing human beings find absolutely hardest to do. Let go of ego, of aggrandizement, of illusions. And, like the animals, just be. The animals are not going anywhere, they are just being here and now.

Let go of needing to know. The animals don’t even contemplate the Mystery. We’re consigned to contemplating, ok, but then don’t do. Let the Mystery be. Try not to try too hard.

Here’s what to try to do (so simple, so straightforward): Make it a priority of the Biden administration … to guide the withering of the Leviathan via a constructive process of devolution by implementing a green eco-socialist program informed by an ultimately bioregionalist perspective.

* * * *


* * * *

Most likely it will be a slow and aggravating mess of a breakdown.

A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.