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Steven Welzer
1 min readSep 18, 2023

Fredy Perlman and David Watson were among those who started to go the heart of things fifty years ago. And they wrote with heart … grounded in biocentrism. Samuel Alexander is more pedestrian, but he’s more accessible and he currently shows us the way forward. Kirk Sale says the very deep things that no one else will say (“it’s not just problematic, it’s insane”). But he’s not as accessible as Samuel Alexander.

Fabian Scheidler may conceivably be the best messenger of them all. He goes around Europe lecturing (in a manner reminiscent of Charles Atterley in The Story of B):
his website
he introduces his book The End of the Megamachine … ten minutes (2020)
Noam Chomsky and Fabian Scheidler interviewed together … over an hour (2021)
Fabian Scheidler talk at the Brainwash Festival in Amsterdam … 25 minutes (2019)
publisher’s English translation book promotion web page (2020)
interview by Jake Heath … over an hour (2020)
list of articles in Resilience magazine



Steven Welzer

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