I’m sympathetic to their alienation

Black Lives Matter raises the issue of who’s lives, really, matter?

If you watch:


. . . you’ll notice that a whole swath of the British population voted in a contradictory way saying “fuck you” to the elites, similar to what happened with the Trump phenomenon in this country.


Only ten percent really, fully matter. The highly educated and/or highly successful and/or highly articulate . . . are visible and heard.

Another forty percent feel like and are viewed as citizens of some significance, mattering socially, culturally, politically to a minor extent.

The rest are flown over and marginalized within this cruel mass society. They feel alienated, dysfunctional, and disrespected.

I think this is a worldwide phenomenon in our modern times. It breeds pandemics of psycho- and socio- . . . pathology.

There is no cure for such within the modern context. We ought to be able to see by now that there will never be a generalized “lifting up” to affluence, high enculturation, and democratic citizenship. Elitism characterizes mass society. The only solution will be to deconstruct the Leviathan.

A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.