This Online Ecovillage Summit is just terrific:

An amazing array of speakers from all around the world.

In this hypermodern era it’s notable to observe how the speakers are just about all fluent in one global standard language (English), even to the point of using similar (global now) colloquialisms.

Watching this forum gives a sense of community . . . similar righteous interests and projects . . . working together toward similar righteous goals.

Um, a globalized community. A feeling of kinship with so many others. They look like me and talk like me and seem to think like me. We could be friends. As I watch them I feel a desire to be in touch with them. Hundreds participating in this event. Representing thousands in their groups. What a good feeling!

I sign up. I listen. I communicate. I participate. I’ve seen you before! At a forum like this three years ago. Glad to make contact again! I wish I could pay more attention, but I’m just so busy. I’m not getting enough done, actually. I don’t seem to have time to get enough sleep. The issues are urgent. The projects are righteous. The smiles are welcoming. We need to have more impact. I wish I could have more impact. I wish I could get more rest. I wish I could get more done. I wish I could be more attentive. I wish I could love more.


A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.