Good that you asked

When did it start? Trump? The Tea Party? Newt Gingrich? Ronald Reagan? Richard Nixon? Barry Goldwater? Ayn Rand? Henry Ford? Appomattox? Wounded Knee? Jamestown? Cristóbal Colón? From what bleak corner came the original sin that set us pinwheeling into this vortex of racism, greed, ignorance and violence?

Good that you asked. So take some time off from kvetching about The Immediate Horror and really do trace back the genesis of the vortex. If you do, you’ll realize that re: supplanting Trump with Biden or supplanting the Republicans with the Democrats or conservatism with liberalism or military spending with social spending . . . those things rate as reforms and not revolutions. Not even solutions, in a broad sense.

Sure, better Biden, better Dems, better liberalism, better social spending. But please think deeply . . . where are we after Kennedy’s “New Frontier,” Johnson’s “Great Society,” Carter’s “Trust in Government,” Clinton’s “Third Way,” Obama’s “Hope and Change”? You say we’re still at racism, greed, militarism and violence? Well, Europe was there when Cristóbal Colón came ashore in 1492. And Rome was there when Julius Caesar conquered Gaul in 50 BC. And you’d have been kvetching.

I’m sorry you can’t sleep at night because Trumpism is rampant in the land. But I remember when the Bush administration made you lose sleep and I remember when the Reagan administration made you lose sleep and I remember when the Nixon administration made you lose sleep. In ten years it will be some other Horror keeping you up.

Next Horror.

* * * *

The horrors are traceable. A deep analysis can suggest deep solutions.

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Steven Welzer

The editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a movement activist for many years (he was an original co-editor of DSA’s “Ecosocialist Review”).