Ecovillages and Transition Towns

. . . are movements striving to build the new society within the shell of the old

. devolution of power
. downscaling of institutions and technologies
. rejuvenation of local community life
. recovery of more land-based lifestyles
. cultural diversity

if we:
bioregionalize our economies
scale back and de-toxify industrial activities
produce and consume less . . .

it won’t be a loss, it will be a liberation:
. simpler, free-er, slower, quieter lifeways
. a more manageable domain of experience
. communitarian identity, satisfaction and fulfillment
. bioregional cultural expression; bioregional self-sufficiency
. recovery of the vernacular, reinhabitation of the land, honoring the indigenous

if you draw inspiration from this vision of a sustainable and sane society
find or start an ecovillage or Transition Town project in your local area