Differences of opinion

A hundred people, a hundred worldviews.


No consensus. No resolution.


He self-published the book Bronze Age Mindset in June 2018. The 77-chapter “exhortation” mixes Nietzschean philosophy with criticisms of modern society. It gained a cult following in right-wing circles, including staffers of the Trump White House and on Capitol Hill. In the summer of 2018 it was among the top 150 books sold on Amazon sitewide, which is notable since it was achieved without the aid of a publicist or book deal.

Right, left, mainstream, alternative, conservative, iconoclastic.

My guess is that something has seemed wrong during the whole period of what we call ‘civilization.’ Every person has had their own opinion about what it is. Some have hoped that progress is being made toward resolution.

That hope might be fading.

O, dreary January of the soul.