I bring this up because the Greens don’t yet have enough faith in their own worldview and so many of them either revert to a greened-up liberalism (common in Europe) or a greened-up Marxism (common in the United States).

The Green-lite politics of Annalena Baerbock in Germany is not very transformational, but we know that the realos are going to prevail in the discussions when real electoral success is eminently possible. That’s a dynamic we see all the time and, of course, it has a certain logic to it.

It’s a little yucky, but a case can be made that the neo-Marxism of American eco-socialists can be even more distressing.

Consider: Part of the “paradigm shift” thing is when you go from talking about the injustices of “the system” to talking about the insanity of modern lifeways.

Well, old Karl didn’t find them insane in the least. “They’re progressive.”


A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.