If you took Physics in high school during the 1950s or 1960s, the “quantum mechanics” revolution was so still-inchoate that the curricula continued to mostly focus on Newtonian physics. The latter was so much simpler and more straightforward.

Physics got far-out with relativity, space-time, and quantum mechanics. In my class they touched on that stuff during the last three weeks of the course. It was intriguing, but mostly beyond comprehension. I’ll bet that if you didn’t get onto a scientific or technical career pathway you never paid much attention to it again.

Well, it’s become a zoo.



. . . which reinforces my sense that human beings can comprehend something on the order of 1% of What Life And The Universe Are All About.


Thoreau suggested that the busyness of life — the frenetic pace of our jobs, the demands of our bank accounts, the status that we seek and never find — should never be the exclusive focus of living.

He challenged: Can we free ourselves from the “rush and the heave of the external world”?

The challenge continues for readers who negotiate our world of existential anxiety, gross injustice, mass conformity and environmental degradation.

Thoreau speaks clearly, urgently, for our time, but only if we are willing to listen. Here’s what I heard him say:

“You might as well get back to simplicity. You’ll be no less happy, and the biosphere will thank you.”

GDP growth averaged about 4% sixty years ago but has gradually declined to averaging about 2% recently.

The slow growth has kept interest rates low, which has resulted in high stock prices for the rich (but low wages for the poor).

First, briefly, let’s establish that the current mass society is insane. Among the million indicators of such, let’s choose “ghosting.”

We hired a contractor to do a bunch of repairs and maintenance tasks over a period of time. He met with us to get the job and he showed up…

There’s much eco-happening in the environs of Phoenixville, PA. The Altair Ecovillage project is making strides toward establishing a cohousing community in nearby Kimberton. And the Transition Towns initiative has really taken root . . .

* * * *

Phoenixville Area Transition: What We Do and How We Do…

Steven Welzer

A co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine, Steve has been a Green movement activist for almost thirty years.

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